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Kongres Kobiet
Kongres Kobiet


Observatory of gender (in)equality in media

Our Observatory is monitoring media in terms of discrimination against women as well as observing the role of media in promoting gender equality slogans especially in the context of election campaigns. Another task of the Observatory is to response to the inequalities / discrimination in media.



-  Media monitoring report - Women in municipal elections; Gender-based discrimination and hate speech in media (october-november 2014)





- General report - Media monitoring 2015

- Report from media monitoring: TOMASZ LIS NA ŻYWO – I quarter of 2015 report

- Report from media monitoring: KAWA NA ŁAWĘ – I quarter of 2015 report

- Report from media monitoring: FAKTY PO FAKTACH – I quarter 2015 report

- Summary report of journalists and experts in the programmes - I quarter of 2015




Partner of the project is an organization from Iceland - Centre for Gender Equality.


Project implemented within the programme Citizens for Democracy, co-financed by EEA Funds.