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"Made by Woman"

Added: 16 listopada 2018

The Idea of the "Made by Woman" project was born a few months ago. As the initiators wrote, they wanted to create a label that would identify women's initiatives in Poland and – at the same time – would support the women who want to create something of their own.

The label "Made by Woman" will be put on products and ideas that were developed by women and it also will inform that women support each other.

The income from the license fees, will be used to give chances to other women to start their first manufactory, mini-companies, etc.

The "Made by Woman" project is a platform for sharing women's experiences. It’s well known how hard it is to start, what a big effort is necessary to undertake every day.

Therefore, by supporting the "Made by Woman" project, we create a unique, yet unprecedented network. This will also be the answer to the question: "How many “Women Creators" we are.

The first phase is directed to women from abandon regions. As a result of the economic transition in Poland close to 500 thousand workers from the former Agricultura State Farms (PGR) have lost their jobs and they did not receive any compensation or support. It was thanks to women – mothers, wives and daughters – that the families and communities have managed to survive.

The more women creators will join the project, the more women from the underdeveloped regions would get help in their first business.

The license fee for the label of the "Made by Woman" costs only 100 zł (that is, 1 zł for each year in which Polish women have electoral rights). This 100 is not just financial support, it is also moral and solidarity support. It is the consciousness that we act together.

By registering into the project “Made by Woman” and buying the license one is allowed to receive the right to use the label “Made by Woman”.

By now, already 20 women from different fields have joined the project. Objective is to make them as many as possible.

The project is funded by the institutions’ own resources, by sponsors, by dedicated collections. Partners are women movies creators, ideas developers, social activists, etc.

We encourage to participate in the project under our matronage to enhance and support the activities of women and to build #solidarnośćkobiet.